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Over the past 17 years, we've done marketing for many small software companies. We've tried a lot of things that worked; we've tried a lot of things that haven't.

One of the things we have learned is that small software companies can't run marketing the same way larger companies do. It just doesn't work. But there are lots of things that small software companies can and should do, and plenty of tricks to doing those things cost-effectively and successfully.

Here's what we are recommending now:

1. Nurture programs

Over the time we have been in business, the type of marketing that consistently gets the best results for the most people at the lowest cost is nurture programs. They work for every type of software business, fit any budget, and have a wide variety of uses.

2. Google

Google still solves a problem that has challenged marketers from day one how do you find people who have the problem your software solves. Not people who might have it or who don't know they have it, but people who are actively looking for a solution. Google lets you find those people easily and cost-effectively.

3. YouTube

People are searching for solutions on YouTube as often as they search on Google. Attach useful keywords to your videos and upload as many as you can.

4. Social Media

You're on LinkedIn, so is almost everyone else. But there's a lot more out there that you could be taking advantage of. Figure out what you want to accomplish with social media, then get out there and become part of the conversation.

Next step

If you'd like to find out what we recommend for you, schedule a free initial consultation. We'll brainstorm a bit, and you can see if you like our approach. E-mail Judy Schramm at to set up a convenient time.

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