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How to recession-proof your software firm, part 2: 18 tips on sales and marketing

December 9, 2008
Play your cards right during the current recession, and you could actually leapfrog the competition. That's the overarching message from three software marketing and sales experts with practical advice on how to recession-proof your sales and marketing efforts: Steve Kraner, Judy Schramm and Guy Smith. They've lived through the dot-com bubble as well as more recent recessions. They offer 18 practical tips to help weather this global storm.

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International Association of Solopreneurs

October 22, 2008
Donna Amos, founder of the International Association of Solopreneurs, interviews Judy Schramm about being a solopreneur and how solopreneurs can market themselves.
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PAID Magazine

Marketing Strategies In a Down Economy
October 2008
Itís a generally accepted rule in business that when times get tough, the first thing that should go is the money earmarked for marketing. This is a myth. Tough economic times can actually be a positive for companies that understand how to use marketing to their advantage.
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22 tips to turn anxious web browsers into confident software buyers

July 8, 2008
Here's a question nearly every software marketing exec struggles with: How do you balance what you give to your website visitors, versus what you get from them in return? To answer this question, areCEO sat down with two veteran software marketing experts and asked for their advice and recommendations on how to handle this delicate online dance:

  • Judy Schramm, president of software marketing firm JMR Consulting, and
  • Susan Tatum, president/CMO of Tatum Marketing.

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National Association for the Self Employed

Seal the Deal! Secrets for Boosting Business-To-Business Sales

May/June 2008
If your micro-business sells to other businesses, you already know that marketing your products or services is essential and complex. What you may not know is that b-to-b selling also requires getting personal with potential buyers. Several marketing experts, including Judy Schramm from onsulting, offer advice, tools and strategies.
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