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One of the biggest challenges in marketing has always been to find people who realize they have a problem while they are looking for a solution. If you can find those people and focus on them, instead of marketing to everyone who might possibly have the problem, you can save vast amounts of money. Search engines provide that opportunity.

Search engine marketing is also extremely affordable. We consider search engine marketing to be essential for all software companies.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization helps your company obtain a higher ranking in "natural" search engine results.

We work with you to identify the most important keywords and phrases in your market and optimize one or two pages in your site for each keyword.

We can also increase the number of links to your website through use of press releases and by obtaining links from relevant, respected websites.

Pay-per-click advertising

Google, Bing and other search engines offer advertisements that are delivered with natural search engine results.

We identify keywords and phrases that are important to your company, and then expand that list to include related phrases that are likely to be just as powerful but less expensive than the top keywords.

We write copy for your pay-per-click advertisements, and we work with you to create landing pages for the advertisements.

Then we implement your campaign, monitoring and tweaking the ads to continuously improve results.

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