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website videos

If you have been thinking about doing more with video on your website, we can help.

YouTube videos

These short, candid videos let you add another dimension to your website. You can talk directly to prospects in an informal way, talking about why your software is so useful and providing insights and commentary that help them better understand your value.

But if you're like most software CEOs, you are not entirely comfortable setting up a video camera and talking into it. So here's how we help…

First, we provide a list of ideas for videos that you can use as a starting point. For example:

  • You get interviewed about why people use your software.

  • Key technical people, such as product managers or architects, get interviewed about the new features in your latest version.

  • One of your engineers can demonstrate a cool feature—showing the person plus the screen adds interest.

  • You provide your perspective on a hot topic in your industry.

  • You explain some of the complexities of your product.

  • If you are in recruiting mode, your employees can talk about what they like about working for you.

  • Clients can talk about how they use your software.

Then we brainstorm ideas with you, coming up with concepts that work for your company, your products, your market and your employees.

We can provide as much or as little help as you need to create the videos.

If we do the videos, typically we use an interview format, as that is easiest for the people being interviewed. But we can be more creative if you are comfortable with that.

Since the videos are short and informal, it doesn't take long to create them. We can get a lot done in just a few hours.

Then we take the footage and edit it into a series of short videos. We upload the videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, to give your products and marketing message the broadest possible exposure. We also integrate the videos into your website.

You can get transcripts of the interviews in text format, and make them available on your website too, to help with search engine optimization.

Audio interviews

Videos are surprisingly inexpensive. But we can cut costs further by doing audio interviews over the phone and recording them. These can be offered as podcasts or placed on your website next to a photo of the person being interviewed. Transcripts of these interviews can also help with search engine optimization.


Website Videos

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